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Infrastructure Victoria’s 30-year strategy: confusing and incomplete

Infrastructure Victoria’s draft 30-year infrastructure strategy is confusing and disappointing. It needs to embrace much stronger commitments to change. We must urgently eliminate harmful emissions and rein in our ecological footprint; IV’s strategy will not help us achieve this.

Induced travel: how quickly do people adapt?

INDUCED travel due to changes in the transport network is a well-known phenomenon. For many years, it was ignored in transport modelling, by accounting only for re-routeing of trips rather than mode shifts or origin and/or destination changes. Nowadays, most modelling includes it, thus producing variable trip matrices between scenarios rather than fixed ones. AContinue reading “Induced travel: how quickly do people adapt?”

North East Link – the perfect storm

North East Link is shaping up as the biggest mistake of the Andrews government’s autocratic approach to transport infrastructure.

It has many problems that will eclipse those of the West Gate Tunnel.

The taxpayer will take the risk of its failure to attract traffic, and it’s not worth the massive impacts on the local people and environment.

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