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Fantasy meets reality: Western Highway Buangor to Ararat

In 2020, I reviewed the economic appraisal and crash history of the Western Highway in Victoria. I did this to help those making legal challenges to the Western Highway Upgrade project and its effect on sacred cultural sites between Buangor and Ararat. They’ve now agreed that I can post my findings for wider reading. This…

Melbourne Airport Rail: a patronage discussion

When Melbourne Airport Rail opens, and even if air travel resumes its pre-COVID growth, the trains could be less than half-full at the busiest time of day. SkyBus and airport trains together could take one-third of journeys to and from the airport. This is a high mode share by Australian standards, but continued growth means…

Infrastructure Victoria’s 30-year strategy: confusing and incomplete

Infrastructure Victoria’s draft 30-year infrastructure strategy is confusing and disappointing. It needs to embrace much stronger commitments to change. We must urgently eliminate harmful emissions and rein in our ecological footprint; IV’s strategy will not help us achieve this.

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