Melbourne Airport Rail: a patronage discussion

When Melbourne Airport Rail opens, and even if air travel resumes its pre-COVID growth, the trains could be less than half-full at the busiest time of day.
SkyBus and airport trains together could take one-third of journeys to and from the airport. This is a high mode share by Australian standards, but continued growth means that traffic queues on the Tullamarine Freeway will not disappear.
There are of course many uncertainties that could affect these predictions; air travel might not recover to pre-COVID levels, especially if we get our act together on emissions reduction.

Induced travel: how quickly do people adapt?

INDUCED travel due to changes in the transport network is a well-known phenomenon. For many years, it was ignored in transport modelling, by accounting only for re-routeing of trips rather than mode shifts or origin and/or destination changes. Nowadays, most modelling includes it, thus producing variable trip matrices between scenarios rather than fixed ones. AContinue reading “Induced travel: how quickly do people adapt?”

Victoria’s broken transport planning ‘system’

Let me be very clear about this – the system of rational and objective planning for transport is completely broken in Victoria.

Politics has trumped planning, and there’s no guarantee that the chosen investments are the right ones.

It’s nothing short of pork-barreling in the extreme.